El Tren

El Tren started in 2016 as a nonprofit from Argentina that helps families living in poverty around different areas in Córdoba and Formosa. A team of volunteers visit weekly to spend time with the families to learn and understand their needs. Twice a year, they evaluate the urgent needs and develop projects to address those needs such as building a toilet, creating an electrical installation, and organizing community events. To complete the projects, El Tren fundraises while working with the families.

El Tren’s mission is to be a connection between families and their needs, motivating work towards satisfying those needs, and sharing values and the importance of education.

Their pillars are: Education by teaching families and their kids and empowering their study habits. Health by getting support from health specialists and showing the importance of taking care of their bodies. Love which is the most important pillar that drives El Tren to get closer to families. They find a treasure in each of the members, a friendship, and someone to love.

The families and neighborhoods, what El Tren calls “train stops” so far are: Heredia Family at Villa la Tela; Edith, Mauri, Paulo and Colazo Family at Villa la Tela; Adela, Belén, Almita, Jere and Colazo Family at Coronel Olmedo; Silvi and Maria´s Family at Villa Angelelli; Pame at an Intensive Care Facility for individuals with disability at Villa Rivera Indarte.