Energías Solidarias

Energías Solidarias started in 2017 and facilitates double-impact workshops, social and environmental, to teach neighbors from vulnerable communities and volunteers to build and install sustainable and renewable energy solutions that can satisfy basic housing needs. The participants learn concepts to replicate solutions so that they can be empowered to self-manage their work. They are taught to build solar powered thermo-tanks, solar furnaces for cooking, and solar light poles and street lights. 

The thermo-tanks and furnaces provide access to hot sanitary water and healthy meals, aiding families living in poverty. The lighting on the streets provide more safety in neighborhoods and lighting inside of houses allow for home tasks to be done. All this leads to an improvement in health and well-being. All products utilizes solar energy, which promotes the use of affordable and clean energy in vulnerable communities. By reusing different kinds of materials as raw inputs for products, it contributes to a circular economy.

In Argentina, there are 4,000 informal settlements integrated by 800,000 families and 30% of houses in Córdoba have an unsatisfied basic need. Additionally, 51% of CO2 emissions are generated from stationary power energy and more than 70% of solid waste can be potentially recycled.

Energías Solidarias' pillars are environmental and social impact to improve quality of life in communities and to collaborate with an environmental mindset; developing abilities through cooperative and self-managed work; network between neighbors, communities and institutions.

The neighborhoods that Energías Solidarias is currently working in are: Los Artesanos neighborhood and in Rio Ceballos.