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On a mission to share yerba mate while creating positive social impact. Yerba mate boosts energy and immunity and is traditionally drank from a gourd. Matera provides a more convenient way to enjoy the health benefits with a reusable bottle with infuser (or what we call a Matherma) and yerba mate from farmers in Argentina.

What are the Benefits of Yerba Mate?



I would rather drink 3 servings of yerba mate than 1 coffee because I feel a crash with coffee. With Matera, it's just a nice wave of continuous energy yet I feel relaxed at the same time because I don't get the jitters."

Kushal P.

It's delicious and a great alternative to coffee. I've enjoyed yerba mate for a while now, but Matera makes it so that I can drink it how I want to instead of how it is served in a coffee shop or pre-made in a bottle."

Lauren S.

I really like the design of the thermos. The wood is a very nice touch and it definitely keeps the tea warm throughout the day. It was my first time steeping like that and it was a good experience. I think it's a great alternative to coffee and it keeps me focused without the jitters. 

Cinthya F.

How is Yerba Mate Produced?

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Small-Scale Producers

direct trade artisan yerba mate that's been aged more than a year

Healthy Energy

Healthy Energy

more antioxidants than green tea and caffeine like coffee without the crash



reusable bottle made from bamboo and BPA-free stainless steel

Social Impact

Social Impact

donations to causes that help communities in need 


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